tank mount hole

drilled a new hole for the tank mount bolt….

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Exhaust, electrical etc.

Hooked up all the wiring today, installed the exhaust, just cut the stockers short, hope it sounds mean. All I need now is a petcock and it should fire up….hopefully. It has been sitting 12 years since the last time the engine ran, the lemon juice boiled carbs should be clean, but I may have to get it professionally cleaned, as I am no expert. heres some updated pics…

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Honda cb650 cafe racer build

Hello all, I am in the process of building a cafe racer from a 1981 cb650 custom. I knew through my research that this frame would not lend itself well to the cafe style, so I got my hands on a 1979 cb650 frame, and swingarm. This will be my first motorcycle build, but I have been working on Honda engines for over 10 years. I started a thread on http://www.hondacb650.com about the bike, and those guys have helped out a lot. heres the link: http://hondacb650.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2659&sid=dc36e0d43736dfe0c6cd3fea30670cd9

I have attached some images below, from the first beginnings of the bike…

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So, I have managed singlehandedly to install the engine in the new frame. I was trying to get some help, until I realized that if I took the bike apart, I could just lay the frame over the engine, while on a pallet. It was a pain in the ass to repack all the headset bearings, but well worth the ease of installation. heres a few updated pics…

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